We wish to incorporate new approach to the world of food.  Two Blondes and a Baking Tray is intended for a wide range of hungry people and food enthusiasts alike: this blog will be easy and entertaining to read and we hope to make a small but worthy contribution to the culinary world. We are the best of friends who have grown up in the West Country, where home grown food and cooking have impacted our lives, and now having moved to up to the big smoke, we would like to share our ideas that so often evoke a sense of nostalgia & happiness. To us, cooking is a way of bringing people together and so now, we want to share our passion. This blog will cover all aspects of food, with regular updates on just about anything that has taken our fancy; comparing and contrasting recipes, Cook Offs, seasonal themes, newly revised cooking ideas and ones of our own; thoughts on restaurants; and even tips on successful vegetable growing to name but a few! We also hope to keep our blog witty and entertaining, a light-hearted and fun read, and we very much hope you enjoy our efforts to the world of cooking and would appreciate any feedback or comments that you may have.

Bon Appetite!

Love Annabel & Georgie x