Last year I did a ski season, and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that a cake at altitude ain’t gonna work if it isn’t a yoghurt cake! Let’s not get technical, but it’s all to do with how high up you are and the way this alters the rising factor of your cake…Needless to say, they are utterly delicious…and now I’m back in England, I still make them this way! Imagine a cake that always has the consistency of the bestest carrot cake EVER! And on top of that, you might even say it’s healthy..well, in the ‘it contains yoghurt and oil instead of butter’ sort of way…

The base ingredients of the cake remain the same, but you can make it whatever flavour you like, and there’s no excuse whatsoever of getting it wrong becasue it doesn’t even require scales!

1 cup (tea cup) vegetable oil
1 cup suagr
3 cups self raising flour
1 cup yoghurt
4 Eggs
A splash of vanilla essence

ForĀ  the Carrot Cake:
3 grated carrots
A handful of sultanas
A Handful of chopped cashews
Fold all these ingredients into the cake mixture

Cream Cheese Icing

For the Chocolate Cake:
Instead of using 3 cups of flour, use 2 and a hlaf and then half a cup of cocoa powder.
If you want, you can also put some dark or white chocolate chips into the cake mix.

For the Coffee Cake:
Mix some instant coffee (about two tbsp) with a dash of water and mix into the cake mix. For the icing, I would go with a really great butter icing, with strong coffee content…instant is much better than real for flavour and I say go strong, but I so often find that coffee cakes are quite undetectable as such, save for the colour that gives it away!

For the Lemon Cake:
Grate the zest of three lemons into the cake mix.
Use the juice of the lemons to add to some water with a spoon or two of sugar and reduc on a low heat. When the cake is removed from the oven and turned out, poke the top of the cake with a fork all over and pour the lemon juice over so that it soaks in. This is also great if you add some blueberries, and for the final piece de resistance, some zingy lemon icing (icing sugar and lemon juice) – Ah-mazing!

Mix the sugar, oil and yoghurt in a big cake bowl. The add the eggs, whisking so it is thoroughly together. Now add the vanilla essence and fold in the sifted flour. For whatever cake you are making, add the appropriate ingredients.

Now pour the cake mix into a lined cake tin and bake for approximately 35-40 mins. This may take longer with the carrot cake as it is so jam packed with nuts and fruit but as long a you check, you’ll be just fine!

And there are many many more flavours..just be inventive and do your thing!

…A few more suggestions: Sticky Date Cake (throw in some chopped dates that you have soacked in some hot tea); Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (Sounds mad but really, a chocolate cake, cut in half and filled with peanut butter is, like, totally lush yer?..naughty but nice..with rich chocolate icing to complete it of course!); Orange and Poppy Seed Cake (Utterly delish! Just grate some orange zest in and add a palm full of poppy seeds…really zingy and a quaint little number for a hot summer’s day!…or winter’ rules); Pear and ginger (see below)

Pear and ginger