This ice cream is completely delicious! No, really. I made it and no sooner had it frozen, and the spoons were gathered for testing, than the entire tub was gone…and we followed suit the next day. Though Rhubarb and raspberries are not in season all year round, they can still be found in markets and supermarkets alike, and for the exception of making a really good pud, buying for this is well worth it! The tartness of the rhubarb, the sweetness of the raspberries and the spice of the ginger compliment each other so well, and with this recipe, you end up with a really refreshing treat! It’s also a fail safe recipe that is so easy, you can almost make it in the time that you run your bath!

Ingredients: Serves 8 (approx…could beĀ one if one gets carried away!)
1 tin of Carnation Condensed Milk
1 small pot of Double Cream
5 Eggs, separated
A bunch of Rhubarb
1 punnet of fresh raspberries
About an inch of root ginger (you can use ground if you like)
A handful of sugar

Firstly, take a saucepan and pour the condensed milk in. Add the egg yolks and whisk over a low heat until the mixture thickens. Be careful to whisk consistently and to be aware of the mixture burning. This can happen easily, but if it does, just lift the pan from the flame..(Like bits of brown might appear, but don’t worry too much about these as the taste is unoffensive and you can’t see them in the end anyway!) Add a splash of vanilla essence, mix it in and set aside to cool.

Now for the fruit compote. To do this, simply chop the rhubarb roughly, and throw into a non-stick frying pan with the raspberries, ginger and sugar, with a tiny amount of water. Simmer on a low heat until the juices are coming out and the fruit has broken down. When this is done, pour into the condensed milk and egg yolk mixture and stir until it is fully incorporated.

Now whisk the cream until it is stiff. Fold this into the rapberry and condensed milk mix. Finally, whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks and again, fold into the rest of the ready mixed ingredients.

And that’s it! Pour into a tuppawear or old ice cream tub and Bob’s yer uncle, fanny’s your aun’t! Into the freezer it goes, to be forgotten about until eating time…but you won’t forget about it, becasue it’s just too ruddy brilliant!

This goes really well with brandy snaps and a bit of coulis drizzled round the edge, and the colours are awesome! So if you’re feeling like impressing, then consider that peeps!