The ‘Can you Taste it?’ Truffle Challenge


These are a naughty treat that are really easy and really fun to make. The idea might make you think ‘time consuming,’ but in actual fact they can be whipped up in no time! Obviously just ‘Chocolate on its own’ is delicious, but for those of you who love the whole ‘whacky falvours’ thing, here are a few ideas to play with, to tickle the senses! And of course there are SO many you could do, use your imagination – perhaps going as far as Willy Wonka’s ‘Sunday Roast’ Chewing gum kinda thing might be a bit far fetched, but whatever floats your boat…why not throw in a blind tasting!
Mint – fresh and very finely chopped
Orange – zest only
Marmite – half a teaspoon
Chilli – half a chilli deseeded and very finely chopped
Salt – Malden sea salt, a small pinch
Ginger – an inch, very finely grated, or slightly bigger chunks, your choice!
Six different chocolates, the ideal number for a small gift box! Very easy to make.
400g Dark chocolate, broken into chunks (I use 1 x 200g Bournville and 2 x 100g 70% Green and Blacks)
300ml double cream
1 tsp runny honey
Heat the cream until it is just simmering. Add the chocolate chunks and stir in until smooth and melted. Add the honey and stir. Divide the mixture into six different bowls. To each portion, add the flavouring. Put the portions in the fridge for a few hours.

Later on, remove and divide and roll into small balls and then roll in cocoa powder. Put into boxes and refrigerate. These can be a bit melty which is why they are best for Christmas time when it’s cold. Keep them in the fridge and remove when it’s time to EAT! A fun way to end the evening, given that your senses aren’t too marred!