Having just spent the most glorious week away in Provence, I have come back feeling refreshed, happy and, needless to say, well fed. So, back to the gridstone and back to reality, but also indeed, back with new ideas of delicious things to come!

One of the things that we tasted and that was unbelievably good was the salted fish. It fed all 8 of us, and there was more if we wanted it! I think many of us will have seen the way Jamie Oliver does it, by packing the fish with sea salt mixed with egg white. When the fish is cooked, the salt is knocked off and beneath is revelaved the delight that is yet to come!

But the bit that I want to talk about on this occasion was the mixed vegetable salad that accompanied it. It was beautiful. A cocophony of green courgettes, yellow courgettes, cherry tomatoes, red onions and olives, topped off with a squeeze of lemon and fresh basil. It was Um-maaazing!!

And then I tried to recreate it. I didn’t have the yellow courgettes, but the result was pretty tasty and so easy. I intend on making this again and again, especially since we have suddenly been adorned with all this gorgeous weather…soup for lunch makes me feel like I’m in a sauna.


A mixture of courgettes, cout into rounds and lengths.

Cherry tomatoes, halved


A lemon

Olive Oil

Red onions, cut into sixths

Black and green olives, some whole, some halved.

SaltĀ and Pepper


Roast the red onions and the courgettes with some olive oil and a dash of Balsamic vingear at about 180 degrees, until slightly golden round the edges (for the courgettes) and until the red onions are caramelised and sweet. Just towards the end, throw in the tomatoes, some halved and the rest left whole. When done, toss these in a salad bowl with the olives and a drizzle of lemon and olive oil. Season to your liking with the salt and pepper and finally rip up some basil and sprinkle on top.

Et voila! Bon apetite cheries, c’est delicieux!