More often than not, do you get back home from work, thinking  ’Same shit, different day!’? Well, I do..but sometimes it just takes a bit of positive thinking and creativity to relaise that work doesn’t have to rule our lives and that, despite the fact many of us might be running around all day, or alternatively going square eyed in front of a computer, there’s more we can do to make our day brilliant!

Going through my very smart new diary and pencilling in various things today, I came across Shrove Tuesday, which is next week - Pancake Day, hurrah!…Swiftly followed by Valentines Day – ahhhh! Ben and Jerry’s and Bridget Jones for me..might brave The Notebook…sorry, I appear to be getting sidetracked. My point is, that on Shrove Tuesday we can make pancakes. On Valentine’s Day we can make…romantic food? On St. David’s Day we could make a St. David’s Welsh Cake, and so on. Why not try out different dishes that collaborate with the day that it is, a wee project!

Pancakes are a delight to make and go deliciously with so may different fillings. There is the classic lemon and sugar (my slightly unadventurous favourite!!), Nutella, orange and cinnamon, stewed apple and vanilla ice name but a few. But nonetheless, I am excited!

Why not embrace next week and make pancakes. Forget that Tuesday is usually the slowest, slightly non-plussed day of the week and get flippin’! A night in with your housemates, or a wee get together with your friends/lovers/siblings alike, such fun and you can fall asleep (fat and) happy!


110g/4oz plain flour, sifted

Pinch of Salt

2 eggs

200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3 fl oz water

50g/2 oz butter

In a large bowl, sift the flour, and the salt, making a well in the centre. Crack in the eggs and start to whisk until well incorporated. Now slowly add the milk and water, whisking continuously until it resembles a creamy consistency.

Now heat the butter in a 18cm/7inch frying pan and use a ladel to add the mix (roughly 2tbsp worth) to the pan and tip it round the edges to get an even covereing of batter around the pan. When it can be lifted up from the side with a palette knife or spatula, now is the time to flip!! So get goin’…

To keep these warm and not stuck to each other, layer between greaseproof paper and keep over steaming water or in a warm oven.

Now enjoy these scrummy things with whatever tickles yer fancy! Xx