‘Raw chocolate mousse!’ they exclaimed…’Well, what in God’s name is that?…what is that?’ What is it indeed! It would seem that there is an ‘on trend’ fashion right now, with foods that are ‘as they come,’ from the ground, fresh and unhampered with. Fresh foods are something that I think a lot of us steer well clear of. We take a wide birth when offered a carrot, be it with humus or tsatsiki or not! Noooo. We like the crisps…we like the crunch..of a deep fried potato that is, not a carrot.. BUT..and I may be bold in saying so..when it actually comes to it, and when we decide to actually eat raw foods, I can’t imagine I am wrong when it transpires that we actually like them!! I have the same with showers…don’t get me wrong, I have at least one a day. But I never think I’ll enjoy it as much as I do, until I am actually in it (which has become a daily reminder!)…or take Top Gear! I would never actively decide to watch it, in fact I’d rather not. But then it’s on and I’m like, whoooooa these guys are cool and funny and I’ll be fantasizing about having that car for the next forty two minutes….ANYWAY. I digress.

I finally got round to taking the plunge and making this raw mousse. It may have been, in part, slightly to do with the fact that I wanted chocolate mousse so bad and felt that, by making it this way, I was actually being healthy? In fact, I think I may have hit the nail on the head. If they say that a piece of dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away, then this was me being utterly obedient…and some! I decided to add a few flavours into the mix (to make it my own recipe!)….and if you like, lords, ladies ‘n’ gentlemen, here I give you an entire list of the ingredients and their health benefits!!


Dark chocolate 70% (and no less!) – This is good for your heart and can lower blood pressure. It is good for the brain, can control blood sugar levels and contains antioxidants. And it contains Theobromine, which is said to harden tooth enamel (whod’ve thunk that chocolate might be party to aiding dental health, eh?!) and it also has lots of vitamins in it; potassium, copper, magnesium and iron!

Avocado – Well…I could be here for a decade listing these, but pretty much the above, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for eye health, preventative properties for strokes…good fats. Anti-ageing. Nutrient absorption…Fighting free radicals!

Banana – Potassium!!

Honey – Good for throat infections. Anti-bacterial/fungal. Maintains glycogen levels.

Cardamon – Great for digestion..

Mint – Wonderful for eliminating toxins from the body and in aiding digestion. Can combat bad breath and helps and sore tummy. Also great for the skin!

Coconut water – just the best..for everything

Cream – Um….Nah. Got nothin’…but just a drop will bind this beauty into a mousse like no other!! (And it’s optional..)


Put about one third of a cup of coconut water with five or so bashed cardamon pods and simmer gently for 5 minutes. Remove the cardamon pods.

In a blender, add 2 ripe avocados, a banana, 2 teaspoons of honey, a third of a cup of cocoa powder, a heaped teaspoon of chopped mint, the grated rind of the orange (optional) and the cardamon/coconut water. Blend until really smooth (about 30 seconds).  Pour into ramekins and leave in fridge until set. And enjoy! Can a delicious and healthy pudding really get any better than this – WIN WIN!!!

N.B. Above you will see I said dark chocolate.. and have then said cocoa power This is totally up to you If you would rather use solid chocolate, then use 75g melted, and add that to the blended mixture instead.

Also, with regard to the cream, if you fancy it then add a wee splash for extra texture. However, don’t be too skeptical. The avocado and banana make this a truly velvety dream!